What we can do

Our passion for innovation knows no bounds - and it shows in each of our unique projects. At Schneider + Fichtel, we transform your visionary ideas into customized reality. As experts in yacht building and beyond, we pride ourselves on taking on the challenges of physics and often mastering them with aplomb. From exclusive windbreakers, door systems and furniture pieces to luminous glass elements and fully integrated displays, we design each unique piece with tireless commitment and inexhaustible creativity. Welcome to the world of Schneider + Fichtel, where your dreams take shape.

Perfect conceptual design
Our outstanding ability for perfect conceptual design is the cornerstone for the success of our projects. We understand how to translate our customers' visions into custom-designed special components that meet the highest standards. Our creative minds and engineers work closely with you to develop innovative and aesthetic solutions that exceed your expectations.

Guaranteed approval
Customers can rely on Schneider + Fichtel for approval of special components according to international standards. Our products not only meet the strictest regulations and standards, but are also carefully tested and approved. This guarantee of the highest quality and safety is the reason why leading companies in mega yacht construction rely on us.

Precision manufacturing
Precision is our strength. Our highly skilled team ensures that every component is manufactured with the utmost accuracy. State-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsmanship come together to produce parts of the highest quality. Our products stand out not only for their precision, but also for their durability and reliability.

Exact assembly
The assembly of special components requires a high degree of expertise and care. Schneider + Fichtel has an experienced team that ensures accurate and smooth installation on board. Our experts ensure that each component is perfectly integrated to optimize the functionality and aesthetics of the megayacht.

Discretion and confidentiality are of utmost importance to Schneider + Fichtel. We understand the sensitivity of our clients' projects and respect their privacy. Our collaboration is always carried out in strict compliance with the highest confidentiality standards, so that customers can rely on absolute discretion at every stage of their project.